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Cameraman, Camera Operator, Greece, Filming Services

cameraman, camera operator, fixer, Greece

UK phone number +44 79 1669 1255

Greece +30 698 180 0856

High resolution filming. If you are on the lookout for beautifully sharp & high-res images you are at the right place. We have some top notch equipment to realise these images.

​​Filming. Express service. We are an all-round production company. From interviews to corporate videos, from congresses to news reports, we can deliver anything you need to have on film within Greece as well as in neighbouring countries such as Turkey. Our camera operator (always equipped with audio and video) is standby to film the required footage. After the images have been processed you will have them at your disposal via ‘We Transfer’ within no time.

Drone. Our experienced drone operator will deliver equally stunning images. 

Video Streaming. Connecting our camera to a VIDIU PRO, combining it with bandwidth from Ethernet, WiFi or several iPhone LTE connections, enables us to upload your images to your favourite platforms in a very efficient manner.  

Animation. Motion Graphics (2D) add that especial ingredient that you want and need for your corporate (explainer) videos. Be it that you wish to show your product or your company in an original and dynamic fashion. Our animator and motion graphic designer loves to hear your ideas to provide you with several approaches for the final execution.  

VR 360º recording.  Are you looking for footage in VR 360º?

Were you thinking of filming it also on 3D... ?

We have the best professionals, who have developed their own VR 360º rig to film on high definition 4K format, and have worked with many top international recognised companies. 


UK phone number +44 79 1669 1255

Greece  +30 698 180 0856


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